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Below & Left
Church of the Ascension
Hamden, CT
EAW - DSA-250 
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
Waterbury, CT 
Renkus Heinz Model - IC-32 - Gen 5 - 2015
First Church of Christ Scientist
Greenwich, CT

Loudspeaker Array:  Intellivox - 2C Dual Lobe Array - Beam Steering

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Digitally Steered Sound
Basilica of St. John the Evangelist
Speech and Vocal Reinforcement System
Stamford, CT​
Loudspeaker Array:  Renkus Heinz Iconyx IC-32-II

PASCOM specializes in audio systems for challenging spaces, built for large gatherings. These complex environments can often be served by a special class of [digitally steered] loudspeaker.  

Digitally steered speakers incorporate a vertical alignment of drivers each paired with an independent channel of signal processing and amplification. Using proprietary software, these DSP controlled systems manipulate level, frequency, phase and delay so that the wave-fronts of adjacent drivers can couple precisely to form a tailored beam. 

When selected and integrated properly, these systems can minimize the degrading affects of a room’s boundaries to deliver: clarity, coverage, loudness and fidelity.    

To better appreciate this technology contact our office to schedule your consultation. 

​Engineered audio, acoustic & image display systems 
Left & Above
The Church of St. Jean Baptiste
New York, NY
Loudspeaker Array:  JBL Intellivox DSX-500 Beam Shaping 
with EAW JF-80PLP  for Column Shadowing Fill 
St. John's Episcopal Church - Eagles Loft
High Res. Video Projection and Audio Reinforcement System
Stamford, CT​

Loudspeaker Array:  Intellivox - DSX-180  ​Beam Shaping

Christ Church
New Haven, CT
JBL INtellivox - DSX-180 
St. James Church
Rocky Hill, CT
JBL INtellivox - DSX-280HD